June Blues


So things have been settling down, treatment wise, and my dialysis is going along with no major problems.  I did have a major problem with the machine and we had to go thru some cartridges but that was mainly I had my needles in my arm and was directing others in how to set up the machine.  I have set up my machine countless times but explaining it to someone else is a different matter.  Take one step out of order and I can ruin the cartridges that clean my blood and that was what happened.  I told Meg to do a step out of order and we had to re-set up everything.  We eventually got going but it was delayed like an hour and a half.

Nothing else much is happening this week.  Meg is counting the days until school is out – I think we are down to 3 days left.  I am counting the days until our family vacation – that is at 8 days.  This week Carolyn took a trip to Washington DC to see her college room-mate perform at the Smithsonian.  She is also staying my sister Carol who lives in Alexandria, VA and works in DC.  We were very nervous about her driving to DC – not about her driving but all the other idiots on the road – but the only way to learn is to do it in small trips like this.  With everything that was happening in May I kind of got out of my habit of going to the gym every day.  This month I have been pretty good although I have augmented my trips to the gym with some walks at the beach during nice days.

I have also been having some challenges with my thyroid and having some pain in swallowing.  A month ago I had a biopsy and it was negative but they can’t tell me why my thyroid is enlarged.  A month ago it wasn’t bothering me but now it is.  I have a doctors visit coming up the first week of July but I may have to move that up to before vacation because it is interfering with my sleep and could lead to inference with my dialysis.  Other than that I am trying to plot out our vacation and what we will try to do each day and who is going to be there each day with us as Meg now has several trips back to CT that week for our rector search at church.  I do have a regular check in with my nephrologist next week before vacation.


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