Countdown Until End of School and Vacation


So with the start of June comes the countdown until School Ending (Meg can’t wait) and our family vacation!  Meg gets out of school a couple of days before our vacation but she is intent on school ending and the end of her year with this same student.  Our family vacations for as long as I can remember have been trips to West Virginia to see Meg’s mother and family and while these were great it has left us with what can we do now syndrome.  It is complicated by my dialysis treatments and our need to take my dialysis on the road.  While I chose this form of dialysis because it is portable, that doesn’t translate to being easily transportable.  My machine weighs about 90 lbs. just by itself.  The ancillary supplies also weigh a lot and I must take enough for like 5-6 treatments while we are away.  One of the blogs that I follow is Dialysis from the sharp end of the needle – and its author who is also on home hemo-dialysis, went on a rafting trip on the Colorado River with his dialyzer.  Last year when we went to WV for the week we had some of the supplies shipped directly to Charleston, but this year we will need to take everything with us.

We are renting a beach house in Westerly, Rhode Island for the last week of June.  The house is in walking distance of a beach and includes beach passes and parking passes at the beach.  We are hoping to spend a day of two on the beach and also have some day outings – Mystic Seaport, Whale Watching and a trip to Newport.  I am hoping to walk the beach each morning and dialyze while overlooking the beach in the evening.  Kate and Carolyn are both coming for the week and we have invited their boyfriends who are coming for a couple of days each.

Before vacation I have some things to take care of.  Today I took a blood sample to my clinic for my monthly blood sample and set up my appointment for June.  I did weigh myself at the clinic today and I have lost some weight.  I had an appointment last month with my cardiologist that went very well.  Hopefully we are full steam ahead to have the transplant done by the end of this year.  Meg is not working summer school this summer so we can both concentrate on dieting and exercise over the summer to help this process along.  But not having taken a real vacation for years we are really looking forward to the end of school and our summer vacation.


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