Quiet Week


So this week has been relatively quiet with nothing significant happening – good or bad.  My treatments continued although my wife Meg, who is my normal care giver has had evening commitments all week so my daughter Carolyn has been training to handle my treatments.   She did great at helping me get needled and  hooked up.  Meg was able to make it home each night in time to take the needles out so Carolyn didn’t have to deal with that.  I didn’t have any doctor visits all week and my treatments went fairly well with no incidents.  I continued to exercise either at the gym or walking in the neighborhood or one day I went to the beach.

I did have a new garden shed installed this week.  Hurricane Sandy a year and a half ago took out our old garden shed and all the things you keep in the shed have made their way into my garage so it was time.  Having to pay to have installed galled me but I am not really up to that size construction job right now.  It is 10′ x 12′ and is much bigger than the old shed.  This year was either get a new lawn tractor or a shed.  Since I didn’t have a place to keep the tractor the shed won.  Now I can’t afford the tractor until next year but I already have a place to store it.

I did loose another friend this week.  Dave Rand, Scoutmaster of Troop 15 in Stamford died very suddenly this week.  Dave was a SM for a long time in Stamford having grown up in Troop 15 and eventually becoming the Scoutmaster.  He was a great guy with definite opinions about how a troop should be run but we got along great.  I am sorry I didn’t make his funeral but I only found out about his death after the funeral.  He was diagnosed with cancer a month ago and died this week.   RIP Dave, you were one of the good guys and are missed!

This weekend will be a full house with Kate coming home with her boyfriend Kenny, Carolyn and possibly her boyfriend Niels all here for the weekend.  Hopefully I will get some work done in the yard from  this gang.  Sunday I hope the weather holds and I can get my smoker going and smoke some ribs for the whole crew!  Monday is the Memorial Day Parade.  Carolyn has been asked to help with the 5th/6th Grade Band!  After the parade we are having a cookout with Niels & his mother – a meet the parents kind of event.



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