Routine Week

kidneyThis week has been a fairly routine and uneventful week.  I did miss my treatment on Wednesday when I had to abort when I couldn’t find my vein while putting in the arterial needle.  My nurse thinks I might have aggravated my arm ( and thus moved my vein) by mowing the lawn on Tuesday and Wednesday, although I  found my veins on Tuesday – so I am confused and just go on putting my needles in hoping to hit blood.  Otherwise this week I saw the dentist for a cleaning, went to the nephrologist and the cardiologist.  My nephrologist did lower my high blood pressure medicine.  It helped when I had a BP of 99/60 at my appointment at 2:00 in the afternoon.  My cardiologist confirmed that we need to lower my BP meds the next day and told me we can go even lower if we need to in the future.  My blood work was fairly good this month although I still have a high Phosphorus issue.

It is nice to have Carolyn home from college.  She has a couple of weeks home before she goes to training for her summer job at Deer Lake so this is a great time to visit with her.  She was a big help this week with some yard work and she and her boy friend helped with clearing up the final leaves from last fall.

Today I was able to go with Meg to visit the Powahay District Spring Camporee with over 350 youth camping out at the Ernest Thompson Seton Scout Reservation in Greenwich.  It was nice to see some of my volunteers again.  It is amazing at how fast the unit leaders change.  I have only been gone for five months and it seems like a lot of new unit leaders are already in place.  Normally that doesn’t happen until the fall!


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