Biopsy Results!


So a week ago I had my biopsy for my thyroid enlargement.  It was an obnoxious test basically due to the position they put you in.  Needles don’t really bother me anymore and I had one prick with some numbing agent and then they did 6 needles where they took part of the thyroid out for testing.  A week later I went to get the results.  When I first got to the doctor he was surprised to see me and when I told him I was here for the results of the biopsy he said they didn’t have them yet.  I told him it had been a week and he should, they went to call for the results.  An agonizing 15 minutes later he was back with the news that tests showed the thyroid is benign of cancer!  They still don’t know why  it has grown in size so we will do more frequent ultra sounds of the thyroid but for now it doesn’t pose a problem.  It was an agonizing time from the biopsy until the results, thinking about how this could delay/prevent a kidney transplant!  I am just glad it is over for now.

This week I also attended the Powahay District (district I served for like 5 years) Recognition Dinner.  It was nice to see old friends and here how things continue.  I was presented with a caricature (see above) done by Powahay Scouter William Janocha who is a professional cartoonist.  It  will have a place of honor in our home, hanging with the family photos.

Also my brother Richard and his wife Terry were in town and we had a great visit.  Their last day in town I did have a stomach bug of some kind and missed going out to dinner with them but they got to visit with Carolyn.  This weekend is mothers day and Carolyn is home and Kate will be coming to visit for the weekend so we should have another nice visit.



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