Doctors Visits Continue to Confuse Me


No problems with my sodium levels – I just wanted to use this photo.  I have been off sodium for 3-4 years.  I don’t add any to any food, avoid processed foods and Meg doesn’t use any in cooking.  After a while you don’t miss it and find you use other spices more and you get the same results.  Having my own personal food Gestapo – Meg, Kate and Carolyn – has made giving up sodium easy.

So I have been having a series of doctors appointments and they had been going well.  In March I had a very good meeting with my nephrologist and got a good report card on my blood work.  Then I had a good appointment last week with my endocrinologist.  He lowered my doses and then told me my H1C was 6.0 – the best result I have had in years.  Then this week came and everything is going the other way.

I saw my nephrologist for my April appointment and my blood test results were going the other way with a much higher phosphorus and Calcium levels.  My treatments are going well but he did increase the dosage for my phosphate binders when I eat and he lowered my blood pressure medicine dose.  My BP was 90/50 when I arrived at my appointment and I hadn’t taken any of my bp medicines that day.  Today I had a followup with my endocrinologist regarding my Thyroid Ultrasound.  My thyroid while working fine has doubled in size since my last thyroid ultrasound a year and a half ago.  We have scheduled a biopsy for next week to see if this is a problem or not.  After the biopsy I have to go back to the endocrinologist.  On Friday I get to go to the optomologist to have my eyes checked out – my least favorite of all my doctors.  The prescription for my classes hasn’t changed in 15 years so I don’t expect any major changes, I just hate anything to do with my eyes.


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