Back to Normal – Hopefully

ce8b47e78ff1e8894ae83f6701927021Hopefully things are back to normal this week.  I had a pretty good Easter weekend with no problems gaining access to my veins.  Kate was visiting for Easter and we went to the movies on Saturday – saw Divergent – then dinner at Vazzy’s.  Sunday we went to church then home for a nice rack of lamb dinner, with creme brûlée for dessert.  We had a nice Skype chat with Carolyn while Kate was still here and then I did a treatment.  Today I went to the gym and then this afternoon I had a thyroid ultrasound.  I do this ultrasound every year but goat call from my endocrinologist’s office this afternoon – he wants to see me this week despite seeing him last week to review my results.  This is making me nervous.

On Tuesday I have my monthly visit with the nephrologist.  At this point this is just routine although he mat change  (lower) my dry weight.  On Friday I go to the optomologist for my yearly eye check.  I don’t think I have any changes, but just hate anything around my eyes.  So Wednesday is the only day this week without a doctors visit!


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