Challenges Continue


So my challenges with accessing my veins continue.  Today I attempted to needle my arterial hole four times without success and finally gave up trying.  I took a scheduled day off yesterday and had a great visit with my Endocrinologist today and then had to abort my treatment.  This is getting very frustrating.  After four needle attempts my arm is very sore.  The Embla creme worked great for the first two attempts but after that it seemed to wear off and the last two attempts hurt a lot.  The plan for tomorrow is to try to dialyze earlier in the day and have my training nurse come and see if she can help with the proper angle and so allow me to hit a vein.

I did have a great doctors visit today.  My A1C level came in at 6.0 which is the lowest it has been in years.  He didn’t have any brilliant ideas on how to lose weight other than what I am already doing.  The doctor lowered all my doses for insulin and he wants me to let him know if I have any low blood sugar episodes and he will lower them more.  After the success of this visit I scheduled visits with my cardiologist, optomologist and an appointment for a thyroid ultrasound.  I have been putting off on scheduling all these visits and the associated poking and prodding that goes with them.  I get enough of that from my nephrologists and my GP so putting it off for a while seemed prudent.   Hopefully my nurse can get me back on track tomorrow.


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