Happy Birthday To My Wife, Best Friend and Caregiver



So I was able to dialyze on Saturday and Sunday after missing on Thursday and Friday.  Hopefully it will continue and I will start feeling better and be able to get back to my normal routine which includes daily exercise and daily treatments.  Kate was in for the weekend and we wound up going out for a nice seafood dinner at the Black Rock Oyster Bar & Grill after church on Sunday to celebrate Meg’s birthday!  I originally planned to take off Saturday from dialysis and take Meg and Kate out to a nice dinner but that plan got changed when I had to dialyze on Saturday.  Meg is so much more than my wife – she is also my Best Friend, the best mother for our children, and for the past year my care giver.  Without her I am convinced I would not still be alive.  I certainly wouldn’t have gotten on dialysis without her.  She was instrumental in the decision to do the much more involved home hemo-dialysis where she and I do the work rather than going to the center where a nurse/technician takes over.  She has put up with dialysis taking over a room in her house and half of the garage with all the supplies.  She also has put up with me and all the challenges and surgeries I have had to get my access set and maintained and all the complaining of pain I do while putting needles in my arm.  She is now working very hard to make sure we both do everything to make this kidney transplant happen and I will never be able to pay her back for the gift of a new kidney – we will truly be soul mates.  Happy Birthday Meg, the love of my life!


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