0 – 2 on Treatments!


So it has been a bad couple of days.  My treatments were going very well, actually too good to last and Thursday I ran into a stone wall.  It started out fine, I got my arterial (lower) needle in without any issues, the problem was my venus (upper) needle.  I couldn’t get in at all.  It was like the access track was blocked.  I tried for like twenty minutes and then took out the needle and tried to clean the hole and then picked at it again with a fresh pick and new needle.  It would not go in.  After trying three different needles and an ice pack in between I gave up.  Friday we started out and never got going either.  I couldn’t get the first needle in, the Arterial (lower needle) despite two attempts and about an hour of trying, so we called my training nurse Wanda.  While she was en route we put a heating pad on my arm to get it to relax.  She came over and I tried a third time with her help and got nothing so she then put in a sharp needle (ouch!) for the Arterial hole and then tried a sharp for the venus (upper hole) and was not able to tap the vein.  So then I tried to put a blunt needle in the venus hole and was able to hit blood.  Then when we started the machine the arterial hole pressure was so high it kept shutting the machine down.  After an hour of playing with the arterial needle and getting no results, except for lots of pain, we shut down for the day.  Did an emergency rinse back to return as much blood as possible to my system.  So I have missed two treatments in a row.

The plan for today is to rest most of the day and then Wanda is coming when I start my treatment on the early side (like 4:30 PM) and we will have a late dinner after my treatment (hopefully around 8:30 PM).  Originally today was planned to be an off day and my daughter Kate is in town and we were taking Meg out for a birthday dinner.  That plan went in the crapper and now we hopefully will have a treatment and then a nice dinner, and tomorrow we will go out after church for a nice birthday lunch!  Hopefully my treatment will be successful today!

The problem with missing a treatment is that my blood doesn’t get cleaned and builds up toxins and water in my system since I don’t really urinate it out and have to take off the water thru dialysis.  Also I feel awful so I didn’t exercise today and only did an abbreviated session yesterday.  One day missed I can deal with but two treatments is a serious set back.  I can already feel the change and that makes it tougher to do everything.  Hopefully it won’t last and I will get back at it today!


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