Apparently, I Am Not 20 Anymore!


So my exercise regimen is finally going full tilt.  It has been three months of trying to get to the gym at least five days per week.  Most weeks I have been able to make that and some weeks I have done even more.  When I first started going in January, I could barely do 20 minutes on the treadmill and no weights.  I have worked up to where I am now up to 75 minutes on the treadmill and completing over 3.5 miles per day.  I usually do it in two sessions with a break in between to do some weights.  My weight lifting is confined to machines for my back, legs and abs.  I still don’t want to strain my fistula in my arm because that has effected my ability to access my veins for my dialysis treatments.  I strained my fistula earlier this winter when I shoveled snow that had turned to ice.  I was unable to access my veins and missed a dialysis treatment.  Then I felt terrible the next day and missed a day at the gym and then I feel sluggish for not working out and it just snowballs from there.  the weather has finally turned nice and I also want to do some outside walking so I may shorten my trips to the gym and then do some outside walking – either on the Derby/Shelton Riverwalk or on the hiking trails in Shelton.

The gym is not crowded at all in the morning when I go there.  Back when I went after work it was very crowded.  Now it is mainly some other older men and women like me, some young stud lifters and some trophy wives that inhabit the gym between 9:00 – noon.  Right now the gym is on the upper level of an ice rink but it is about to close and the club is merging with a club that is actually closer for me to go to starting in mid April and my membership is transferring to that club.  I have been trying to be good with my diet as well and at my last doctors visit had lost seven pounds.  Today I am doing a blood draw both before and after my treatment and will be setting my doctors visit when I take my blood work in tomorrow.  My seriousness in dieting and exercise got much more emphasis in March after hearing that I have a living donor potential for a new kidney.  Hopefully all this will pay off.


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