RIP – Jim Goodman

thI have a variety of things on my mind this week but they will have to wait.  Foremost on my mind is the death of my friend James Goodman.  Jim was a friend from church.  We have been on the Vestry and the church Finance Committee together and were going to be involved with our churches planned giving efforts.  Jim survived a liver transplant and just last year had a lung transplant but never adjusted to the new lung.  He was a great presence on the vestry and finance committee and will be missed.  He leaves behind his wife Sue and two teenage sons, Allen and Christopher.  When I first knew I was going to have to go on dialysis I had a good conversation with Jim about transplants in general.  Now I realize there is a big difference between liver, lung and kidneys, but we talked about the mental preparation and the need to take charge of your health care rather than just going along with the doctor.  His advice at the start of my ordeal helped me prepare and to deal better when my dialysis started.  We never interacted socially, other than abusing him over his questionable choice in sports teams (the Packers and the Mets).  Jim, you will be remembered fondly by many – may you rest in peace and rise in glory.


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