National Kidney Awareness


So March is National Kidney Awareness Month and today is World Kidney Day.  There are so many different issues that contribute to Kidney Disease that it is a serious health issue.  1 in 10 Americans will have some form of Kidney Disease.  Not that it always ends in dialysis for everyone, but it can lead to dialysis which can then overwhelm.  For me it was not managing my diabetes, smoking and high blood pressure that were the main contributors.  Risks are different  for men and women and for African Americans.   Growing up I never encountered anyone with Kidney issues or on Diaylysis.  It was the time before facebook and blogs and knowing those intimate details we all seem to share today, but since moving back to CT, 10 years ago, I have had several volunteers in Scouting that were on hemo-dialysis.  Since my kidneys failed in 2012 I have met a  variety of people on dialysis or that have had successful transplants.  They are all over the spectrum, young and old, obese and anorexic, black and white, men and women.  Like everything else these days you can research Kidney Disease online and find out the symptoms and your individual risk.  To learn more visit  or talk to your own personal doctor, but don’t ignore this health issue.


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