Odds & Ends


Got a call this morning from the YaleTransplant Center.  They called looking for Meg but agreed to talk with me.   They called to give Meg the results of her tests and wouldn’t speak to me about the results, but they did inform me that I have been listed on the transplant list although it is still conditional upon my having to loose about 20 lbs. and completing some of the other tests they need.  They promised to call Meg over the weekend with her results.  The rest of the week has been spent just catching up on things.

I was hoping to complete my taxes this week but it turns out I don’t have all the forms back, mainly still waiting for the K-1 forms for partnerships that apparently are not due to me until March 1st.   Also this year I think I need some professional help with my taxes as I don’t really understand all the forms I have been sent and don’t want to screw it up this year.   I should be able to get Kate and Carolyn’s taxes done this weekend since they are not that complicated. Also this week I completed the FAFSA forms for Ithaca College.  I will have to update them when my taxes get finished but that was always going to be the case.  This was a unique week in that it is the first week this year that I didn’t have a doctors visit of some kind.  I did take a blood sample in today to the dialysis center but no poking and prodding this week.

In addition I completed treatments on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday and I went to the gym every day this week for an hour of cardio and some weights.  I am still afraid to stress my arm out so I have mainly been concentrating on backs, legs and abs in the weights I choose.  I need to start pushing my workouts so I can lose some weight but I don’t want to upset the fistula in my arm and mess up my treatments.  It is a balancing act – when my treatments go well I have the energy to go to the gym but at all costs I need to make sure I don’t do anything to mess up my treatments.


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