Birthday Reflections

This past weekend was my birthday – I turned 53 on Saturday. I have always felt honored to share my birthday with two men I greatly admire – George Washington and Robert Baden-Powell.  Not that I in any way compare myself to these individuals but I have always admired both their accomplishments and how they lived their lives. In growing up – especially in New England – we learned about Washington and I have also visited Mount Vernon and was fascinated by its beauty and innovation. Having worked for the BSA for years BP is a fixture but it wasn’t until I read the biography of BP that William Hillcourt (Green Bar Bill) wrote – Two Lives of a Hero – that I became enamored of his accomplishments in India and Africa, not to mention his work with Scouting.

I felt pretty awful on Saturday, from low blood pressure issues, but still had a nice visit with Kate. We all had a nice Lobster dinner Saturday night with Creme Brûlée for dessert.  Sunday we went to church and then had an early dinner so Kate could head back to Rhode Island. We also made some preliminary plans for a family vacation for the last week of June this summer. Between my health issues and family concerns, our vacations have been limited to trips to West Virginia it seems like for ever, but this year we are hoping to do a week at a beach cottage in Rhode Island or Massachusetts.  Not sure yet but I think we know which week we can all make it now I just have to find a place.

Traveling on Dialysis is possible.  I just need to take my NextStage Machine with me, make sure I have all the ancillary supplies and have NextStage deliver bags of dialysate, cartridges etc… to wherever we are going.  We did this last summer when we emptied Megs mothers home in West Virginia so we know what that it is possible.  One of the few benefits of my mode of home hemo dialysis is the ability to take it with me and be able to continue my treatments on the deck looking over the ocean – at least that is my goal.


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