Dream or Nightmare?

thApparently I had a dream/nightmare the other night but I don’t remember any of it.  When I was a teenager I would wake up in strange places and talk in my sleep or play games with my radiator.  Once I remember waking up in the bathtub taking a bath with only like two inches of water in the tub.  But other than occasionally waking up from nightmares or some talking in my sleep, I hadn’t done anything noteworthy in years.  I wouldn’t even know about it except my wife told me about it.  My talking/complaining about the pain woke her up and she thought she was talking with me since I can answer her questions while dreaming.  How she tolerates me at all is still a mystery but that is a subject for it’s own post – back to the dream/nightmare.

In the dream I was complaining, loudly, about the pain in my arm from my training nurse putting in sharp needles for a new button-hole.  I have had three button holes put in since last May and it is a very painful and extended process.  It takes about 7-9 sticks over time, with an incredibly sharp needle, to create a button-hole, each thru the same spot at the same angle to create a hole that is similar to an ear-ring hole.  This dream happened right after I had some difficulty last week accessing my arterial hole for treatment.  The next day my training nurse came by to watch me insert my needles and made some suggestions to improve the process.   She also said if the problems persist I might need to have a new button-hole created.  I think this is what triggered the dream.  I have been accessing my veins with only moderate pain and challenges, so I think the fear of new button holes is put off for now.


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