Busy Week


Lots going on this week but my concentration needs to be on my treatments and their success. Since my challenges last week I have had some very good treatments. I changed the angle that I am putting my Arterial Needle in at and that seems to be going well.  It is going in faster (5-7 minutes) now and I am also putting the Emla Cream (Pain Cream) on for longer periods before I start putting in needles and I am using a bigger dose of the cream.  This seems to be working (knock on some wood for me).  This morning I am expecting to receive a shipment of supplies from NextStage for my treatments.  This afternoon I have my monthly appointment with my Nephrologist.  Tomorrow Meg and I go to the Yale Transplant Center for screening and to find out about this whole Transplant potential.

I am nervous/excited/scared and probably some more emotions I can’t even verbalize.  I have been waiting for this appointment for months since my doctor told me in October I should call.  I kept not getting any response from the Transplant Center and then around the first of the year we started playing phone tag, finally connecting and setting an appointment for Mid-February.  The appointment includes meetings with Nephrologist, surgeon, anesthesiologist, insurance specialists and a complete physical.  They require endorsements from my Nephrologist, Primary Care Physician, Dentist, Optomoligist, Gastroenterologist, and my Cardiologist.  I will probably spend the next several months updating  all my tests from the past several years including a Stress Test (I hate those), echocardiogram, thyroid ultra-sound and probably more I haven’t heard of yet.

I also have a funeral to attend this week for a great Scouter from Westport, Jack Berry, who passed away this week from Pancreatic Cancer.  Jack was a great scouter who will be missed.  We also have an overnight trip to Ithaca planned to visit Carolyn.  Her last swim meet of the year is this weekend and we will have some more time to visit on Sunday before heading home.  I also have a bunch of my house elf responsibilities to catch up on.  Oh – and I saw a weather report and we are in the band of snow expecting 8-14 inches on Wednesday into Thursday.  I love the four seasons but I am over this winter and can’t wait for Spring to get here.


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