Blood Flows Again!


Todays treatment went surprisingly smoothly!  After last nights debacle I faxed in my daily flow sheet with the aborted treatment and planned to call my training nurse when they opened.  She called me at 9:05 this morning wanting to know what happened yesterday.  She agreed to come by for the start of my treatment today so I decided to set up early and she came  by around 5:00 PM and watched as I put the needles in.  Needless to say I was very nervous putting in the Arterial Needle, expecting a rough time.  She told me that my over-exertion shoveling snow yesterday probably forced my muscles around my fistula to contract and thus hid my vein from the needles yesterday.  She also had some ideas on the angle of access to my vein and I was able to hit blood in less than ten minutes.  It was a welcome sight to see the blood pop into the tube attached to the needle.  The run went smoothly from that moment on with no problems at all.

The weekend will see me hoping to attend an event in Stamford for the Powahay District – the Llamapalooza!  This will be a one day winter event for Cub Scouts.  There will be around 400 boys and their parents and lots of snow on the ground.  The activities are both indoor and outdoor but there is a big lunch for everyone – total chaos for the lunch.  I can only attend for a little while in the morning as I am committed to a church meeting at noon in Shelton.  The rest of the weekend will be spent probably watching olympics.  I had hoped to have Saturday as an off day from Treatment and to take Meg out on a date night, but now Saturday is a treatment night.


One thought on “Blood Flows Again!

  1. Glad your treatment session went well. Hopefully it will be smoother sailing from here on. I just LOVE the graphics that accompany your entries! Keep up the good work…all the way around! 🙂

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