Frustrations Continue


Tonight’s treatment was a disaster and I was forced to abandon it before it ever got started.  I spent over 45 minutes working to get the Arterial needle in and it would never pop the vein.  I needled it twice the first time took 30 minutes and then I gave my arm a break and an ice pack and then tried again.  After 15 minutes the needle was in as far as I can get it with still no blood to be found.  This has only happened once before and that was when it was decided to put in a new button-hole.  Tomorrow I will call my nurse at the dialysis center and maybe she can come by for the beginning of my treatment tomorrow and/or she will decide to put a sharp needle in my so that I can guarantee to get a treatment.

I may have aggravated my arm today and that caused my veins to move.  I spent around an hour and a half shoveling and chopping some very heavy snow and ice.  I did a half hour in the morning to get my car out and then two half hour sessions early afternoon trying to clear the front walkway.  I don’t know that this had an effect but have heard of the possibility.  When I started going back to the gym I first did some light weights and could feel some discomfort in my fistula so I have not been doing any weights involving my arms.  It is very frustrating.  I don’t have a lot of energy to get stuff done around the house so I can concentrate on my treatments and now I can’t even get a treatment started.  It has been taking a while to get my treatments started but they would eventually get going, but now I am very depressed about everything because I missed my treatment today.  Hopefully tomorrow I will be able to hit a vein!


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