Time to De-Stress

imagesI started on long-term disability on January 1st but did not yet have the actual approval of my disability until today!  Needless to say I have been anxious about this even though everyone; my doctors, nurses at the Dialysis Center, and even the guy from Met Life; all told me it was a no brainer that I would be approved – that didn’t help my stress level at all.  I applied for LTD on like December 10th, and my doctor endorsed my application on like December 15th, but Met Life was still in need of paperwork from the BSA to make it all official.  There was some confusion between the National Office and the local BSA Council I worked for about who was to supply the missing info to Met Life.  I got my last payroll on December 30th and since then I haven’t gotten paid.  Today Met Life confirmed my disability and when I will be getting my first payment with pay back to January 1st.  Then I will receive a monthly payment going forward.  I will be receiving much less than when I was working but it is something that will allow me to concentrate on my health and improving my chances for a transplant.  My health insurance will be continued and that is great news as my treatments (for me to do them at home by myself) cost around $6,000 per week!

It is very reassuring knowing that this is now confirmed (although I will feel better after the first payment is in my account).  Todays treatment went very well.  I had very little pain putting in my arterial needle (still took like ten minutes) and none with my venus needle.  I had no warning signals at all during the run and was even able to spend an hour on the phone with my older sister in Washington, DC.  It sounds like we are about to get another storm tonight.  School has already been cancelled for Meg for tomorrow.  Right now it is Wednesday just after mid-night and it has not yet started to do anything yet but it is in the forecast.  I went grocery shopping today, along with half of Shelton, and we were able to stock up for the coming storm.

This is a big load off my mind which hopefully will turn into some health benefits down the road!


2 thoughts on “Time to De-Stress

  1. Great News! If there’s anything I can do for you on the CYC office end (I’m good at bugging people!) please let me know. Best regards, Lynda

    Sorry I missed your party. Glad you had a good time!

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