Rest in Peace Brian


I got home last night from a super bowl party and found online a message that Brian Sterner, a former camp staff member from my Sabattis and Woodland days had passed away from lung cancer. This was an enormous loss to his family and to anyone that knew Brian.  I have known Brian since my first summer at Sabattis in 1990.  Brian worked at Sabattis for years and I remember him as a Commissioner Asst., Econ Director, on the Waterfront Staff and also on my Cub Camp Staff as Aquatics Director for Cub Scout Day Camp and the Cub Scout Resident Camp at Camp Woodland.  Brian was an all around great staff member with a variety of skills and abilities.  He was great on Pre-Camp Staff as well as Campfire Program and doing whatever needed to be done.  He was then in an Explorer Post (what would now be a Venture Crew) while I was Exploring Director.  I have several images burning in my mind of Brian.

His first summer on Staff, Brian used to travel all over camp on a unicycle!  Much to the chagrin of the Camp Director he would ride every morning to the Staff Center from Fox Ridge.  He tried to teach some of the rest of the staff how to ride it with some success but nobody was able to master it like Brian.    I also remember Brian as the Waterfront Director at Camp Woodland with his long hair and sunglasses and him diving into the lake with his glasses still on and he would surface with his glasses still in place.  I also remember Brian and Karl (another tragic life, lost far too young) teaching my daughter Kate swimming at the Sabattis Waterfront.  I am sure I am remembering things differently than they actually happened but that is how I remember him.

When I first got onto Facebook, Brian was one of my first friends I found or he found me – I don’t remember which.  We would occasionally chat thru IM, mostly of our challenges of getting our taxes done.  Rest in Peace Brian, we will miss you.


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