Time Out Celebration


So last night was my “Time Out” Party in Norwalk.  When I was originally told they wanted to do a party to celebrate my career I didn’t want anything to do with it – let alone having to attend it.  I told them so and now I am glad they ignored me and went ahead with it.  My problem was that I am viewing this as a temporary leave of absence and once I have a new Kidney I plan to resume my career.  I joined the BSA at age eight and started working for them at age 15 and see no reason to stop for a little sickness.  However it was very nice to get together with everyone last night.  People said some very nice things about working with me and I really appreciated the get together.  It was done very informally and I was able to visit with people and chat and got to introduce Meg and Kate to some of the great volunteers I have been working with.  Hopefully I was able to chat with everyone that came to the party but it was tough to keep track.  It was nice to see people from the three districts I worked with and some of the council committees and the council staff.  Special thanks to Karen Caiati and Jonathan Pleva for organizing this Time Out party.  I almost didn’t make it to the party last night.  I went to the gym on Friday morning and when I got home my BP felt very low.  I checked it and it was 68/42 so I didn’t do much that afternoon other than drink water/coffee.  By the time of the party my BP was back up to 125/60 and I made it thru the party with no real problems.

I didn’t do a treatment yesterday so I am planning on an earlier treatment time today and then an early treatment tomorrow so that I can attend a Super Bowl party tomorrow.  Not that I have a huge interest in either team but I want to go to the party to just to maintain some normalcy in my life and see some of my friends.  Kate is still in town and she and Meg are shopping now (what else) and we are all going to meet for Chinese for lunch and then I will come home for a treatment.


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