At Least My Children Don’t Take These


I think I took a double dose of these today!

So I started my treatment today and apparently when I set up my machine I failed to turn on the warmer that warms the dialysis fluid before it goes into the artificial kidney.  So my blood was flowing thru cold dialysis fluid.  Usually it takes around 45 minutes to warm the bag of dialysate that is sitting on the warmer but today it took it about twice as long since I was mid treatment before I even noticed that the warmer was not on.  So I completed my treatment drinking hot tea, wrapped in an electric blanket on high, and, with a wool cap on, plus Meg put a hot water bottle onto the bag on the warmer tray.  I have made this mistake before but then it was August and I was in West Virginia and it was like 90 degrees out.  Today I found out this mistake when I realized my temperature had dropped and I was freezing all over.

Half way thru the treatment we got a call from Carolyn at Ithaca.  She had just also emailed us that she made the Dean’s list for the first semester.   We knew she had gotten good grades but hand’t heard from the school on Dean’s list yet.  We also were just informed that because she had like 16 AP Credits in High School she is officially a sophomore now!


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