Party On!


So my office has decided to throw a party for me and while I really appreciate the gesture it was totally unexpected, and I am still not sure how to react.  My plan from the start, had been to go on to Long Term Disability and kind of sneak away into the night!  I am hoping to return to work, somewhere within the BSA, after I am able to receive a transplant.  I really miss both the people I worked with and the volunteers.  I have plans to occasionally visit with people at work for lunch and/or happy hour and to also visit District/Council program events to keep in touch with the volunteers.  Plus spending 3.5  hours a day on dialysis treatments I am in touch with everyone thru social media sites and instant messaging.  My wife and daughters all think it is a great idea – in fact Kate is going to come home so she can attend the party.  I have spent 26 years working for various councils in CT and NY  and in my mind I still have more to contribute and hope to get back to that as soon as possible.

However the party is this Friday in Norwalk!  I am sure it will be a great time and am expecting some good natured ribbing and undeserved adulation.  I am nervous about how I will react but at the same time excited to see everyone again.  Hopefully I will have a report next week on how it went.


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