Weekend Plans


Big weekend ahead – so I have lots to get done today to make that happen.  Saturday we are doing a one day drive to Ithaca – swim meet – visit with Carolyn (Dinner and grocery shopping) – long drive back in the dark.  Sunday is the Church annual meeting.  This is my last meeting as the Junior Warden at church as I am not eligible to run again as per the bylaws of the church.  I have done 5 one year terms and am done!  I feel guilty in leaving with the current state of our church – rector search taking much longer than it should, budget issues, persistent window leak issues – but there are plenty of great people to step in, but that doesn’t help my guilt.  Meg has to be back for this also as the Discernment/Recruitment Committee she is on has an important meeting with the Diocesan Cannon for Transition.

We are looking forward to seeing Carolyn.  She was only home for a short Christmas break so she could attend a Swim Team Training Trip to Ft. Lauderdale and then went back to Ithaca from Florida.  We Skyped last night and confirmed we are trying to get to the meet vs Alfred.  I think she is swimming the 100 and 500 Freestyle events but will have to wait and see.  Her classes started this week so she is done with daily double practices but has lots of work to do for class.  I think she is happy we are coming mainly because we will take her out to dinner (she is always hungry when swimming) and we will take her grocery shopping at Wegmans – she needs food (mainly fruits and veggies) for her dorm.

Before this can happen I need to get a lot done.  Todays house elf duties include Laundry, dishes, grocery shopping, flower duty (Meg has flowers at church this Sunday and I get to buy them today and she will arrange them tonight) and then also a trip to the tax collector to pay auto taxes.  Oh and I also have to get in a 5 hour dialysis treatment today and Nxstage called wanting their monthly inventory so they can arrange my next shipment.  Sometimes it seems like I can forget my kidney issues but don’t worry, I have the scars and pain in my arm at all times reminding me of dialysis.  Also, my struggles with Met Life/BSA continue.  Nobody from BSA National or local Council will get back to me with any answers to the questions from Met Life so I still have that stress looming over me.


3 thoughts on “Weekend Plans

  1. Have a nice weekend, Dave. Don’t do too much. Sending well wishes your way. I enjoy reading your blog. Keep up the good work.

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