Stress From Not Working


So since I stopped working and went on Long Term Disability on January 1, 2014 I thought things are going better (physically they are starting to), but then yesterday I just got a letter from Met LIfe telling me my claim has not yet been approved.  They still haven’t received the required paperwork from my office – My office says they never received a request from Met Life so I am in this circle between my office, the BSA National Office and Met Life. I am told by everyone that this is only a technicality and that this will be approved but it is very stressful waiting for others to do things.  Now it snowed today  (we got about 10 inches in Shelton and it was -2 out this morning) and my contact at Met Life in NYC didn’t make it in so I can’t get to the office the paperwork they need until tomorrow just adds to my anxiety level.

I did have two doctor appointments today which added stress but went well in the end.  One with my rheumatologist which went very well.  My knee pain has not been bothering and doing my knee exercises every day while I do treatments plus getting back to the gym has helped a lot.  My second appointment was with my primary care physician.  He was very happy with how I am doing generally.  My blood pressure was 120/65 at the appt. so he was very happy.  Between my primary care doc and my nephrologist they keep lowering my BP medications so I am now on a minor does.  For some technical reason he couldn’t do my A1C test but we have scheduled it for my next blood test.  I do have to schedule a thyroid ultra sound in the next month but I don’t have anything else until my next blood work in April.


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