Slow Progress


So I am entering my third week of long-term disability and while I didn’t expect major progress I am disappointed in myself in what I have not accomplished.  My treatments are going fairly well although my January blood test was not great.  My Kt/V level (adequacy of Dialysis) went below 2.0 to 1.85. My doctors are not sure why so I submitted a second blood test for January.  My Phosphorus level went up to 7.8 from 5.4 and this is another test that puzzled my Doctors as I haven’t been eating any high phosphorus foods. Before my kidneys failed I had never heard of Phosphorus in food and now it is controlling everything I eat and drink. My other levels that they test for were all fairly good but I am concerned over the Phosphorus level and the Kt/V. Hopefully the blood work I turned in last Friday will show some improvements. I also got a call from the office of my primary care physician. I did a regular blood test on Saturday for an upcoming visit with my primary care physician and his office called (the on call doctor for him) because my Kidney function was very low and they were concerned. Now this test was done after an off day from treatment so of course my kidney function was low.  I called him back and told him I was on Dialysis (which wasn’t in my file) and aware of my kidney issues.  I think I calmed him down.  I am also upset that I haven’t started any of the house projects that I have planned.  I realize that it has only been two weeks and I have some significant health problems, but it is still frustrating.

On the good front I shave some more energy and I am able to do a little more every day.  I have started going to the gym again and while the cardio (treadmill and bike) is going well the weights seem to stress out my fistula and I can’t have anything mess with my access to my veins.  So I have only been working my back and legs and avoiding anything to do with my arms for now.  I have been encouraged that I have been able to do more each day and that includes around the house stuff and my Mr. Mom activities.  Tomorrow it is supposed to snow (4-6 inches expected).  Hopefully it will be nice this weekend as we are hoping to go to Ithaca for the day for a swim meet and to visit with Carolyn on Saturday.  She and Kate were only home for a short Christmas visit so we hope to see her this weekend!


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