Getting Back To Normal (whatever Normal? is)!

So after my unexpected day off last week it kind of kick the crap out of me for the rest of the week.  I missed only one treatment but it was the day after an off day so I wound up going from Sunday night until Wednesday evening without a treatment.  Putting in my needles (mainly the arterial line) has become very  difficult – taking as long as thirty-five minutes and is very painful despite the cream I use.  The Venus Line goes in very easily – 2-3 minutes and very little pain.  I thought I was much better on Saturday and so i attended a church Vestry/Discernment Gathering all day on Saturday.  I almost passed out during one part in the morning, just from standing for the short eucharist but then the rest of the day went well.  Sunday I woke with low blood pressure (105/45) and felt terrible so I didn’t do much all day – football playoffs day – until my treatment in the evening – and that went well.  Today I am expecting a delivery of dialysis supplies so I am making room in the garage by moving boxes of dialysate into the house so it can be totally thawed and up to room temperature when I use it.  I need to make room for 50 cases today.  When I started last May I couldn’t lift even 1 bag and now I can move 15-20 boxes (2 bags per box) into the house in one session – so some progress.  Hopefully today I can get to the gym and start getting back into exercise so that I can help me mover up the transfer list and feel better.


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