Un-Expected Off Day

So yesterday (Tuesday) was a bad day. Gastro-intestinal issues bothered me most of the day.  Details I will  spare you, but it was pretty intense and uncomfortable.  It started when I got up and I finally started to feel better around 9:00 PM last night but it was already too late to start a treatment.  I didn’t eat or drink all day, finally having an apple and some diet ginger ale around 11:00 PM.  The problem was that while Monday was a scheduled off day from treatments, Tuesday was suppose to be a scheduled day of treatment but since I couldn’t remain seated in one place for 15 minutes – let alone 3-4 hours that a treatment lasts – I was forced to skip the treatment. I have missed treatments once or twice before but usually it is an equipment issue not a personal issue like yesterday. Since I am now 2 days since my last treatment I feel very sluggish and dizzy. I am kind of confined to the house since it is also like 9 degrees out. There is lots of cleaning I hope to get done but none of the errands since I shouldn’t be out driving given my physical condition, my wife would kill me. The old me (pre-dialysis) would just say the heck with it and do what I had planned, the new me (post dialysis) says that I must take care of myself, so today is catch up on stuff in the house day and catch up on some reading.  I am not very good at this Mr. Mom stuff but I am learning.  Hopefully Meg will tolerate my shortcomings until I master the details of which paper towels she buys or how to do the laundry properly or (gulp) how to use the vacuum etc…


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