Blood Pressure

When I started dialysis (May 2012) I was on a fairly substantial regimen of High Blood Pressure Medicine – Carvedilol/ Catapares Patch/ Amlodopine & Benazapril. I had a stroke 5 years ago (no permanent damage occurred).  My blood pressure started going down when I started treatments in May.  Before my Kidney issues I never knew how much effect the kidneys have over Blood Pressure.  Having had high blood pressure and very low blood pressure (70/30 when I was hospitalized in 2012) – while both are bad for you, I felt much worse with the Low Blood Pressure.

Over the summer we reduced my medications to the point where I am now only on the Carvedilol (half a pill) and Benazapril. However my Blood Pressure has continued down and I think these medicines will soon be adjusted again. My Blood Pressure last night after treatment was 109/65 – a little on the low side. It is because of my recurring low blood pressure issues that I have been compelled to go on long term disability from work. When my BP falls so low I find it difficult to concentrate and have very little energy (my wife doesn’t want me driving in this state for some reason). I am hoping to get my Nephrologist / Cardiologist and Primary Care Physician to all agree on a very low dosage rather than having my BP go all over the place.

During treatments I take my BP frequently.  Twice before I start (both sitting and standing) and then every half hour during the treatments and then again sitting and standing after I am done.  I have also started taking my BP first thing in the morning before I take my medications and several times during the day on days that I am not doing a treatment.

For one of my last functions as a BSA Professional I am attending an Eagle Scout Court of Honor in Stamford, CT today for the son of a District Chairman in the District I served for 5 years. I was invited prior to my decision to leave the BSA and I want to attend.  After the Court of Honor it is date night as today is one of my two days a week of no treatments.  So Meg and I are going to the movies and dinner – Date Night!  While my treatments are very important life goes on and I have to take advantage of the rare free evenings I have!


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